A Published Essay in the Dads of DisAbility Project

just some Stay-At-Home-Dad experiences

When you search around for the paternal viewpoint of having a child with a disability, you struggle to find information. The maternal viewpoint on the other hand, plentiful information all around.

Gary Dietz authored and collected 42 pieces and organized them in a strategic way than keeps you wanting to read more. The book is titled Dads of Disability, and it is a compelling read.

Some essays are about an acute period, such as a specific event or moment in life which was poignant. Some describe the author’s life experience more broadly by discussing multiple events that span significant periods of time.

Gary divided the collections of essays into sections that resemble the cycle of life. Such as life, there is a beginning, middle, and an end. Some parts very joyful, some parts somewhat dark. All are important and provide borders for a portrait of life, life as a dad…

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5 thoughts on “A Published Essay in the Dads of DisAbility Project

    • Honestly, I thought you were involved with this. I was late to the game and one of last essays included. I didn’t get to see an author/contributor list until after the fact. If I ever get pulled into something like this again, I will let you know for sure.



      • (From Gary)


        If you install the Kindle app on an iPad you can order from the Kindle book store.

        You can order it on the iBook store to get a native iBook version of the book.



      • I didn’t even know there WAS an iBook store, I am just getting into eLiterature. I’ll look into doing it that iWay. Thanks for the info. uHelped. (I CRACK myself up!)


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